BRUNCH SMARTER COOKING CLASS- Yes, this really happened

Just a little over three years ago I moved to Boston not knowing ONE single soul. Had it been ANY other City, I might've known at least a kid from HS homeroom, or a second, twice-removed, neighbor's ex fiancé, but when it came to Boston; zip, zilch, NADDA! I moved to Boston in a heartbeat to chase an opportunity of a lifetime: an Internship with America's Test Kitchen! It was scary to leave Philadelphia, a city filled with friends and a furnished, rent-controlled apartment, but I knew a whole new world was waiting for me on the other side...

Last weekend, my notions about this spectacular life in Boston were validated 10-fold. My dream-life came into full fruition as good friend Carrie Reynolds of @Flavors_of_Fresh and I teamed up to teach our first ever BRUNCH SMARTER Cooking Class at Olive Connection in Brookline. Just like my days as a Chef, the day started early at 6 a.m. with a lot of kitchen prep, but this time, I was in the comfort of my home, in my jammies, greeted with and star buck's and smiley-face emojii' from Carrie. We were both filled with nothing but warm fuzzies; we couldn't contain ourselves! 


This menu came naturally but the recipes as usual, did not. One lesson I preach is- take pride in your work; it pays off! Carrie and I were so proud and excited to share our Brunch secrets after testing dozens of healthy alternatives of Chicken and Waffles. We scoured our brains of every method and option and can proudly say you won't find a better "baked" recipe out there. Our students seemed to agree... 

It wouldn't be Brunch without some cocktails. Thank God for KEEL Vodka! I'm not much of a drinker but when I do, I now gravitate towards KEEL, a Boston-local Vodka company with lower alcholhol (and calorie) content that TASTES amazing. 

Staying with our Southern theme we had Peach Spritzer and Southern Sweet Tea! Both of which had zero simple syrups thanks to the use of Olive Connections delicious infused balsamic! Yes you can and you should totally be adding flavored balsamic vinegars to your drinks (it's called shrubs- now you're really with the cool kids;). Using shrubs in your cocktails not only brightens up your drink but it's also healthier and tastes way better. Try it out! 



Would like to send a special thank you to Olive Connection for first believe in Klean Plate at the start. Olive was the first store to carrie Bliss Batter and to put wind in my entrepreneurial sales. This cooking class was full-circle celebration on our almost 2 year anniversary in business.

Thank you to all of the wonderful students who came. Hope you enjoyed our menu and tips and enjoy them in your kitchens at home. 

Lastly, thank you to our sponsors, Keel vodka, Popchips, Vitals Proteins, Mikeys, for upgrading our BRUNCHSMARTER class. 


You can find the full recipe for Klean Plate's Chicken and Waffles here. 



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