Aaahh, it's back to school time! To-Do list:
Buy your books. 
Meet your roommates.
Find your way around campus.
Avoid the freshman 15 (or 20 :b)

#dormlife can be pretty awesome. New freedom, new friends, new experiences....

And sometimes new unwanted pounds. The "freshman 15" (or sophomore, junior and senior!) is for real. Between the cafeteria food and maybe some adult beverages, it's easy to get off-track.

I'm sharing my 3 favorite budget-friendly healthy recipes, easy and quick enough to whip up right in your dorm room! Warning: the kids down the hall will be knocking at your door for a taste of these!

#DormLife Recipes

1. Kelly's Guacamole (Photo by: Carrie Reynold's of Flavors of Fresh

2. Protein Vanilla Macchiato - Save on Starbucks!

3. On-the-Go-Waffle Sandwich

1. Guacamole

Photo by: Carrie Reynolds of Flavors of Fresh Blog 

Chips and guac ain't going anywhere. It's a home-run crowd pleaser. The only thing is many times mayo makes the mix along with other foreign friends. This is where I begin to draw the line and say, It's time to make it yourself. We're talking about mashing an avocado here! 

Try this delicious version on for size. Snuck some protein in here and used lemon in for lime. It's DE-LISH! If you find yourself without fresh mint or shallots (#dormlife) don't fret, it will still be spectacular! 

***Extra tip*** What to dip with guac? CHIPS OF COURSE!

Ever try Joseph's lavash? (Sold at any Whole Foods/ Stop & Shop, Wegman's).  It's just like tortilla but low-carb! Toast these off and v'wale; another magic trick. You just earned yourself some low-cost, low-carb tortilla chips! Bell pepper strips are always a nice colorful crunch too!*** 

Serves: 8 (2 oz servings) 

Nutrition: 45 cals Fat 2.4g Carbs 4.1g Protein 2.5g / 2 oz serving

175g Kirkland plain NF Greek Yogurt

130g ripe avocado flesh (roughly 1 avocado) 

1 Lemon (juice) 

1/2 Shallot 

1 Orange bell pepper (small dice) 

1 handful fresh mint (finely chopped) 

1 handful fresh cilantro (finely chopped) 

Season to taste: Salt and Pepper 

  1. In a medium sized bowl, mash ripe avocado with a fork. Add all other ingredients and serve! (It's that easy!) 


2. Protein Vanilla Macchiato - Save on Starbucks 

You're going to need coffee, lots of coffee to get you through your college years. But you don't need to spend an arm and a leg or wait hrs on a winding line for sugar-loaded, fancy-shmancy, complicated concoction disguised as coffee. This protein vanilla macchiato is life, especially busy-life when you need more protein and caffeine and less sugar! Enjoy! 

1 cup coffee 

Splash of milk ( feel free to sub vanilla vega protein milk/ muscle milk) 

.25 scoop vanilla protein

<----WHISKER $3.50 on Amazon- #gamechanger

Froth until foamy! V'wale! Your very owsmooth creamy protein vanilla macchiato!

3. Waffle Sandwich 

Let's face it, when you're faced with finals,  you're going to want to grab for a jar of peanut butter or maybe even worse. Fill up with a waffle sandwich instead! You'll never feel like you're missing out on comfort food! Plus it's perfect for on-the-go when out the door for class or on those mornings you need an extra boost after a late night. 

Bliss + Waffle Maker + your favorite toppings! 


Enter CODE: CAREPACKAGE at checkout now until September 15 for a free Dash Waffle Maker with any purchase! Stay focused, fueled, and Blissed everyone! <3 


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