Chicken and Waffles

Photo By: Carrie Reynolds @Flavors_of_Fresh Blog 

The Secrets

So what’s the secret behind not good but orgasmic yet healthy Chicken and Waffles? Well first we gotta break it down. There are really three components. 1. The chicken. 2. The waffle 3. The sauce and toppings. Let’s examine shall we?

    1. The Chicken: We want something crispy yet juicy and full of flavor. It’s important to understand that not just any fried chicken = chicken for chicken and waffles. Ever been to a restaurant where they use the same chicken fingers from the the children’s menu and slab it on top of a saggy waffle and WAM ‘Chicken & Waffles’. That really doesn’t fly with us. Proper chicken should be crackling then dripping down your forearm. But how do we achieve this without deep frying?
      1. Use chicken tenderloins in place for chicken breasts. Tenderloins are portion controlled and tender (uh-hello, it’s right in the name!) For when you can’t use a deep fryer, go for a ‘tender’ piece of meat!
      2. Double Dredge Method: After testing 15 different cereals in place for breadcrumbs (pictured below),I learned something. If you’re going to “bake” breaded chicken it’s going to taste, baked NOT fried; SHOCKING! This is what led to my discovery of the Double Dredge Method. Ironically this is a technique I learned in my years as a pastry chef and decided to give it try here. In professional cake decorating the “crumb” layer is a thin, thin layer of icing that seals all the crumbs of the cake and holds it together. This way you can add a thick layer of icing that is a luscious thick canvas for decorating. For baked chicken and waffles, the first dredge is like the crumb. We lightly dredging with milk, then coat every crevice with finely processed crumbs. Then we dip this in thich eggs and toss into course seasoned corn flakes for an extra layer of sealing and crunch.  The results are PHENOMENAL!
  • 2. The Waffle: It’s Called Bliss for a Reason: Work smarter not harder! This is all done for you! If you want you can even make your waffles ahead of time, store them in a ziplock bag in the freezer and then pop them in the toaster. Honestly, as long as they’re warm come serving time, they’ll be outstanding!

  • The Sauces: 
  • It’s hard to go wrong: You really can’t go wrong: sweet, savory, spicy: Have fun with it! Remember these basic rules:
        1. Acid cuts fat (acid like vinegars pair extremely well for this reason)
        2. Sweet balances fat- who doesn’t love honey or maple syrup drizzled on top of their chicken and waffles. Sometimes less is more. Going purist wins big points!
        3. Fresh herbs brighten plates and cuts salt- When possible- add fresh herbs to upgrade your plate!
        4. Consider what you have in your fridge before menu planning- don’t drive yourself nuts. Use what you have on hand. Chances are you have have a great menu staring back at you right in your fridge.

    Serves: 8

    Macros: Calories: 523, Carbs 26g, Fat 16g, Protein 68g, Sodium 490g, Sugar 4g,



    1 Quart BLISS Classic Batter (you’ll have some left over;)

    ½ C Parmesan

    ½ C Cornmeal

    1 TBS Fresh Thyme (Finely Chopped)

    2 tsp Ground Black Pepper


    24 oz Chicken Tenderloins

    ½ C Cornstarch (for coating) Season: Salt, Pepper + Cayenne

    ½ C Almond Milk (any milk)

    2 Bags Hippies BBQ Chickpeas (Finely Ground)

    3 eggs (to coat)

    3 C Corn Flakes (Coarsely Ground) Season: Salt, Pepper + Cayenne

    Sauce(s) & Toppings:

    Olive Connection Maple Balsamic

    Spicy Honey

    Fresh Herbs: Thyme, Chives, Mint, or Basil (for plating)


    1. Add all ingredients to Bliss Batter. Shake in container or stir in separate bowl. Store in refrigerator until ready for use.
    2. Mise en Place chicken station from left to right as follows. :Tenders, seasoned cornstarch, milk, fine crumb (hippies), eggs, seasoned large crumb (corn flakes), baking wrack). 
    3. Bake chicken on wire rack ontop of baking sheet lined with aluminum foil at 425 for 13-15 minutes. While Chicken is baking, pour waffle batter into iron and begin plating.
    4. While chicken is hot plate onto waffles and drizzle with maple balsamic and spicy honey. Sprinkle with fresh chives and ENJOY!