Persimmons; So Hot Right Now!

We know what you're thinking. Is it a peach? Is it a melon? NO! It's a PERSIMMON! If you fall into the confused category when you walk past these seasonal gems at the grocery store, fret no more! Here is a stunning recipe to help you get comfortable with this hot commodity! 

Persimmon Wrapped in Prosciutto

Have you ever had prosciutto wrapped melon? Well, consider this the Christmas edition! Swap persimmon for melon; it's a home-run! Persimmon tastes like a pumpkin-melon and is pretty easy to find nowadays (try your local Farmer's Market, Wegman's, or Wholefoods). Not only is this dish a looker but it's fresh, vibrant and a fantastic palate cleanser, or as Chefs would call, an amuse bouche! This one will surely impress the guests and they'll never know it took only minutes to prepare. This also makes for a fantastic first course salad, over a bed of winter greens, dressed in orange vinaigrette: Bon Appetite!

Persimmon Wrapped in Prosciutto

Makes: 16 Pieces / 8 Servings


1 Persimmon (16 thin slices) ** May want more to practice knife skills**

1/3 C Part-Skim Ricotta

2 oz Prosciutto 

2 TBS Pomegranate Seeds

1-3 handful Arugula

Optional: Basil and/or Arugula


1. Using a sharp knife, quarter ripe persimmon. Cut each quarter into 4-5 slices.

2. Gently Spread 1 tsp (or more) of ricotta onto each slice. If you have fresh basil on hand, we highly recommend placing half a leaf on top of ricotta to make this dish extra special! 

3. Gently tear prosciutto into halves or thirds. You will only need enough to lightly cover each slice of persimmon. Roll each slice until delicately laced.


4.  Serve at room temperature or chilled. Just before guests arrive, sprinkle with bright pomagrante seeds and arugula until the plate looks sexy. ENJOY!

All Photos Taken By: Kelly Sanders: CEO & Founder at KLEAN PLATE LLC

Persimmon 101: 

Never bought Persimmon before? Don’t let it scare you. Here are a few tips. First, treat it like a peach. It’s ripe when it’s tender. Feel for the juicy ones!

You might run into two types: Hachiya (large) or Fuyu (small) persimmon. They are both equally festive just know that that Hachiya (large) are meat-y and can stand up to a panini press if lodged between a fine French cheese (not a bad idea), and the Fuyu is the kind we are talking about for this dish. It is dainty and perfect for an amuse bushe or salad. Fuyu (small)  is what you most likeyly find in the stores. Either way, if you accidentally choose the wrong one, it won’t upset the dish. These festive devils brighten the season and open any menu in style just the same. Just make sure you have sharper knife skills if you get Hachiya. 

Picture taken inside Russo's 560 Pleasant St, Watertown, MA 02472