KLEAN PLATE is a Boston-based fitness food company revolutionizing the clean eating scene. Hi, I'm Kelly and I'm determined to challenge the preconceived belief that vegetables equal good and carbs equal bad. Stay with me. . . 

My first product? No, not another protein bar, juice cleanse, or granola but PANCAKES! So how does it work? I was a former recipe tester for America's Test Kitchen and renowned personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and figure competitor. My drive to develop Bliss comes from a desire for healthy alternatives to traditionally unhealthy comfort foods. What surprises most, is not only does it taste better than regular pancakes it’s also contains more protein than a protein shake, less sugar than a greek yogurt, and less carbs than a rice cake! Yes; pancakes made healthy, and this is just the first of many 'Klean' products to come.

Klean Plate is dedicated to bringing you real food with real flavor and sound nutrition. I take pride (perhaps a little too much) in knowing my flapjacks can not only stand up to Granny’s but can fool anyone into eating healthy. Don't believe me? Try for yourself!

Each Serving of BLISS CLASSIC contains 166 Cals, 20G Protein, Only 9g Carbs, 1g Sugar **All-Natural, Gluten & Nut-Free**


More about the Founder: Kelly Sanders 


A graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Kelly has worked at some of the country's most prestigious culinary institutions. Kelly tested and related successful recipes for America's Test Kitchem, cooked at Alex Guarnascelli and Jose Garces restaurants, served as a Chef Instructor at Viking Culinary School, and was a contributor to America's Test Kitchen Gluten-Free and Paleo Cookbooks. 

Kelly's credibility in the culinary arts is matched in the fitness industry. Certified in Muay Thai, Personal Training, Pilates, and Sports Nutrition, Kelly has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals as one of New England's most sought after personal trainers. She herself is a fierce figure competitor, placing as a finalist in both ANBF and NPC bodybuilding competitions, all while eating Bliss pancakes and waffles daily!